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Awardees of the 28th FILMKUNSTFEST MV: Julia Langhof, Uwe Dresch, Wolfgang Fischer, Henry Hübchen, Julian Pörksen, Marita Stocker, Mala Emde and Anton Spieker (from left to right) © Jacob Waak
Director of TASTE OF CEMENT Ziad Kalthoum takes the price for the best visual compistion of the documentary competition in the name of his cinematographer Talal Khoury © Jacob Waak
Chairman of the Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin (bank) Kai Lorenzen, Luise Makarov, Volker Bärenklau and Pepe Danquart (jury), director Ziad Kalthoum © Jacob Waak
Director Marita Stocker receives the price for the best film in the documentary competition with FAREWELL YELLOW SEA © Jacob Waak
The feature film NANOUK wins the director's award of the NDR (Northern German Broadcast Corporation), co-producer Eike Goreczka takes it for director Milko Lazarov who was absent © Jacob Waak
Uwe Dresch welcomes the award for the best sound for his work for STYX © Jacob Waak
The youth jury and Juliane Seifert, state secretary of the federal ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizen, Women and Youth (on the left) © Jacob Waak
The youth jury and Juliane Seifert © Jacob Waak
Wolfgang Fischer (right) wins the audience award from the local newspaper © Jakob Waak
Film editor Monika Schindler reveals the winner of the Young Actor's Award, on the left: Winner of 2017, Kim Riedle © Jakob Waak
Mala Emde and Anton Spieker, winners of the Young Actor's Award © Jacob Waak
Director Julia Langhof wins the LEO-Award for her first feature-length film LOMO, that was part of the children and youth film competition © Jacob Waak
French-German actor Marie-Lou Sellem reads out the justification of the jury © Jacob Waak
Julian Pörksen, director of WHATEVER HAPPENS NEXT, wins the Advancement Award from the DEFA-foundation © Jacob Waak
Swiss director Dani Levy holds a laudation for Honorary Award-winner Henry Hübchen © Jacob Waak
Wolfgang Fischer receives the Grand Jury Prize by prime minister Manuela Schwesig for the film STYX © Jacob Waak
Henry Hübchen With Honorary Award "Golden Ox" © Jacob Waak
"The Jellyfish Jazz Orchestra" accompanies the evening of the award ceremony © Edgar Hartung