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LEO – the award for Children and Young Audiences

In collaboration with the capital city of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania of Schwerin and the Evangelical youth organisation, FILMKUNSTFEST MV puts on the children and young audiences film competition to promote integration and participation. Children and young people from immigrant backgrounds and socially disadvantaged families are afforded the opportunity to see the films in the competition at reduced prices and outside the festival cinema. The City of Schwerin provides funds for that purpose and endows the LEO award for the children and young audience film competition with 2,500 euros in prize money.

"Cinema is an appealing recreational activity for young people of all social and ethnic backgrounds and successfully contributes to participation and integration in our society," says the artistic director of the festival Volker Kufahl.

Youth jury decides

Young people of various backgrounds decide which competition entry will receive this coveted award. Olaf Hagen of protestant youth organisation Sozial-Diakonische Arbeit – Evangelische Jugend in Schwerin prepares them for and accompanies them as they complete this task.