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Reasons to support the FILMKUNSTFEST MV:

·         it's huge importance of the federal and national policy (the prices of the festival are given over by the prime minister of Mecklenburg West-Pomerania or a representative of the regional goverment),

·         it's good reputation among culture oriented people in the region and its special status in the world of film festivals all over Germany,

·         Appearance in the media (regional newspapers, regional public broadcaster NDR), but also in nationwide journals,

·         the special connections to Austrian and Swiss film business (it's films are included in the competitions),

·         the particular relationships to cultural and political co-working institutions in the Baltic Sea area (Scandinavia, Eastern Europe),

·         the special connections to political and educational institutions (e.g. federal center for political education).


We are open to individual wishes from sponsors. Please contact us!

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Contact: Max-Peter Heyne
Tel: +49 (0)385 593 608 63
Cell Phone: +49 (0)160 917 329 46
Email: mp.heyne@filmland-mv.de