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The LEO - Children's and youth film award 2017, donated by the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth goes to the austrian production

MAIKÄFER, FLIEG! (2016) Director: Mirjam Unger
Vienna, 1945: the end of the 2nd World War, seen through the eyes of a child. Bombed-out and penniless, 9-year-old Christl flees with her family to a villa in Neuwaldegg. Following the capitulation of the Nazis, soldiers from the Red Army are billeted in the house. Everyone is afraid of the Russians, who are considered unpredictable. But Christl soon makes friends with Cohn, the Russian cook.

This year, all the participants of the youth film jury were girls: Simaf Peiro, Emily Carabut, Karolina Zyczyriska, Svea Lillge, Johanna Taube, Cassedy Meier and Antonia Schernau.