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LEO-award Children's and youth film competition

For the next three years the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth will support the Child and Youth Film Competition LEO at the FILMKUNSTFEST Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. Beginning in 2016 Minister Manuela Schwesig’s department will  provide annual subsidies of 15,000 Euros up until 2018. Each prize winner for the best film of the competition will receive 7,500 Euros. As such, LEO of the FILMKUNSTFEST MV remains the competition which offers the highest prize money for a child or youth film in the whole of the German film festival scene.

Once again at the FILMKUNSTFEST MV 2016, a youth jury will make the decision about who receives the price for the best film of the Youth Film Competition LEO. This year, it is also made up of young people who have come to Schwerin as migrants and refugees.

Olaf Hagen from the Stiftung Sozial-Diakonische Arbeit der Evangelischen Jugend (The Association of Social, Diaconal Work of Protestant Youth) is, as part of a seminar, and together with actress and lecturer, Eva-Maria Schneider-Reuter, preparing the members of the youth jury for the work they are expected to undertake during the film festival.

As part of the film festival, just as in previous years, the LEOfilms-Youth Editorial team will produce video contributions to the film festival as well as film reviews and interviews. With the support of the Offener Kanal TV in Schwerin and Sophie Medienwerkstatt, the contributions will be published via the Offener Kanal and in other video portals.