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Locations in Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania

Looking for cliff lines, lighthouses or beaches?

Eager to find an original, countrified atmosphere?

Are you after Resort Architecture, Brick Gothic, estates or Hanseatic historic-centers?

You certainly have found the right place for your shooting with Mecklenburg-Pomerania.

Catching a modern city life is also possible through contemporary buildings like the Ozeaneum or

Strelasund Crossing, both considerable as special motives.

Being familiar with common TV screenplays, you know that interior motives are essential, for instance flats, bureaus, police offices, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. To find such motives carries a difficulty, especially for foreign people.

FILM COMMISSION MV constantly spots suitable places for shooting operations. Our location database puts the diverse places into a clear order, using search keys such as kind, type, positon, architectural style and size of the building, while it also prints contact persons for permits, infrastructure and further questions. If no suitable object is found, we arrange contact to locally specialized location scouts. For historical researches, we can also contact local expert contacts to co-work with you.

For interesting sites of the film history (e.g. the Hanseatic cities Wismar, Stralsund and Rostock, the resorts Heiligendamm, Ahrenshoop, Ahlbeck, Peenemeunde, Cape Arkona or Hiddensee) we offer precise film historical advice.