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Küstenwald/Heiligendamm Das Blaue vom Himmel
Unesco Kulturerbe Hansestadt Stralsund
Allee zum Schloss Bothmer in Klütz

Whoever wants to film at the coast or at beaches, there is no better federal state in Germany for that! Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania has with about 1184 Miles the longest shore, 209 Miles to the open Baltic Sea, 974 Miles backwater. Also the biggest German islands Rügen and Usedom are located here. In total, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania has 62 islands, among them are famous sites with broad beaches like Poel and Hiddensee. The fact that the influence of the Baltic Sea causes the most sunshine per year in Germany is utterly interesting for film makers!

The 23.211 square kilometer large federal state contains 1.6 Million inhabiting people and three national parks, three biosphere reserves and seven nature parks cover about 20% of the area. This record predestinates Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania for nature tourism.

Further superlatives:

  • The Lake District “Mecklenburgische Seenplatte” is with 5500 square kilometers the biggest in Germany. This is where you find the lake Müritz – the biggest lake in Germany
  • Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania is famous for its alleys: 1608 Miles run through the land
  • The peculiar chalk cliffs are emblems of the island Rügen and world-famous because of Caspar David Friedrich’s painting from 1818
  • The Hanseatic cities Stralsund und Wismar belong to the UNESCO world heritage with their historic centers
  •  The oldest seaside resort in Germany is located in Heiligendamm
  • Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania is full of churches, monasteries and brick-lined Gothic style buildings

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