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FILM COMMISSION MV holds good contacts to people among the film industry, the cultural and political institutions, the tourism associations, the economy and the research facilities of the federal state. Frequent consultations between FILM COMMISION MV and the producers of film and media belong to the tasks to establish contacts considering the media industry depends on its networks. Antje Nass and Marco Voss are the well trusted team of FILMCOMMISSION MV.

Since 1993 Antje Nass has been working for the cultural film funding while she supervised filmmakers of the state. From 2008 until now she is the head of filmlocationMV, now FILM COMMISSION MV. She is perfectly in touch with all film commissions in Germany and for her long experience and reliable work she is respected and trusted very well. In the region she knows the right people influencing the topic film, no matter if politicians or members of the broadcasting service. She supports her cooperation partners with frequent up-to-date information via social media end e-mail messages. By her longtime experience with regional film festivals, she is familiar with hosting festivals and events that concern the film industry. 

Having worked in the film production business for more than 20 years, Marco Voss is a certificated expert about all steps in the filmmaking process. His own practical knowledge makes him know, what production members using Mecklenburg-Pomerania as a film site require. He is able to be an adequate partner and consultant for film producing teams to support them in a specialized way on local. His book STILLES LAND UND GROSSES KINO published in 2015 introduces film sites and film stars within 100 years of film history in Mecklenburg-Pomerania.

Antje Nass and Marco Voss are remarkable specialist concerning the different locations in Mecklenburg-Pomerania and the diverse films that took advantage of them.

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