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A common filming permit for Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania is not required.

In general, every commercial recording has to be permitted by the owner of the motive. Depending on what kind of location is used, a request to private persons, companies or governmental institutions has to be made.

Relevant local contacts are the regulatory agency or the mayor of the town himself. At the local press office, you can find out who the specific person is that concerns your business.

TV reports made by smaller teams on public places and sights often do not require a registration, except if there is a special public event or a demonstration.

Complex shootings on public streets and squares essentially need a filming permit. Depending on the situation, the traffic office will be involved to organize these special uses like constructions sites that require blockings and other measures. Inspections beforehand and documents that precisely describe the shooting plans, the blockings and signposting may be required. All that can involve the police, the fire department, the environmental agency or the public works service.

Shootings in protected landscapes can receive limitations. The permit of the local national park may not comply. In some cases the Federal Office for environment, protection and geology (das Landesamt für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Geologie) has to offer a permission additionally.

If shootings in a forest are planned, you will require permission by the responsible forestry office.

For all shootings on the Baltic Sea, your official contact is the Office for Water and Shipping at Stralsund.

If you want to film flights with drones for instance (maximum flight height 100 Meter), you require a special permit from the Aviation Office. In addition to that an allowance by the police and the regulatory agency may be needed. Limitations may occur when filming crowds, private places, nature parks or places near to airports.

The FILM COMMISSION MV helps out when complicated permits are needed. That can contain public places, sensitive areas like ports, protected landscapes or military facilities. We keep in contact with the pressmen of the establishments.