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The FILMKUNSTFEST MV in the federal capitol Schwerin, founded in 1991, is not only the most traditional film festival in the eastern part of Germany – it is also mostly visited. In past years 2015 and 2016, 18,000 and 17,000 visitors were counted. The versatile high-quality program has been enriched by the new established film business conference since 2015, where editorial journalists, producers, cinema operators, filmmakers and politicians important for the media come together. In consequence, the nationwide importance of the festival has increased.

The FILMKUNSTFEST MV presents a large international focus with the newly introduced column “Focus Baltic Sea” that shows films coming from regions near the Baltic Sea, so the festival is like a cultural light house. A meaningful event in the culture of northern Germany.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the FILMKUNSTFEST MV in 2015, many filmic highlights were hold, for instance a silent film concert, with accompanying live music. But also in 2016 the huge room of the festival cinema (730 seats) Schwerin was sold out. The festival has had accredited guests, journalists and film business people, 250 each time, coming from nearby and far away (e.g. Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Wien, Zurich).

The FILMKUNSTFEST MV offers a calm, companionable atmosphere, which allows the audience to talk to the invited film creators and experience them after the presentations. In the cinema and in the café of the festival, many professionally moderated discussions take place.

The FILMKUNSTFEST MV hosts four competitive sections for film productions from German speaking countries, Austria, Switzerland, and of course Germany, or co-productions with these countries. These films are supposed to be either full-length feature films, full-length documentaries, full-length children’s films or short films. By awarding prize money of around € 50,000 by several juries, the FILMKUNSTFEST MV is an important competitive festival for films in German language in Germany, particularly for young directors. The price for the children’s films is endowed by the national ministry of families.

Every year, the FILMKUNSTFEST MV offers a selection of recent feature films from one country that is focused on (2015: France, 2016: Belgium, 2017: Denmark).

Being a public festival, the FILMKUNSTFEST MV creates the opportunity for sponsors to organize an effective cultural sponsoring. Different groups can be addressed. Especially middle-aged, culture oriented people, but also young, well-educated people and several tourists from other parts of Germany are visitors.

Further reasons to support the FILMKUNSTFEST MV:

·         Its huge importance of the federal and national policy (the prices of the festival are given over by the minister of culture, the minister of Mecklenburg West-Pomerania and the national minister of youth)

·         Its good reputation among culture oriented people in the region and its special status in the world of film festivals all over Germany (see the selected citations from professional journals)

·         Appearance in the media (regional newspapers, regional public broadcaster NDR), but also in nationwide journals

·         The special connections to Austrian and Swiss culture (its films are included in the competitions)

·         The particular relationships to cultural and political co-working institutions in the Baltic Sea area (Scandinavia, Eastern Europe)

·         The special connections to political and educational foundations and institutions (e.g. federal center for political education)

We count on mutual trust, understanding and a frequent personal contact concerning the priorities, talking about sponsoring as well as about contacts to creators and to the cultural and federal policy.

We are open to individual wishes from sponsors. Please contact us.

Volker Kufahl, Managing Director of FILMLAND MV gGmbH


Volker Kufahl

General Manager,
Artistic Director

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