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Children and Youth Film Competition

D 2017, 84‘ | SABINE NAWRATH

At sports boarding school in Berlin, Ava has been a gymnast as long as she can remember. But when, one day, her mother unexpectedly dies everything changes. Driven by the hope that gymnastics might bring her closer to her mother and dull the pain, Ava trains harder than ever. Everything seems to be going well until events beyond her control force Ava to start making her own decisions.

D 2018, 89‘ | LILIAN NIX

CHILDHOOD – means freedom, fun and friends. The world is full of adventures, everything is waiting to be discovered and their inquisitiveness about the world is massive! The documentary KINDSEIN delves into the unique lives of four children from different countries around the world. Berlin, Tokyo, Havana and Mumbai – the children manage to see the magic of daily life and see through the problems of adults with childlike logic.

D 2017, 101‘ | JULIA LANGHOF

Karl (17) is trying to find his place in the world. The possibilities available to his generation - the digital generation - seem limitless. People all over the world follow his blog. More and more, he allows his followers to make decisions about his life, which leads him to disaster.

D 2018, 90‘ | MARCO PETRY

Lilith is a normal teenage girl, apart from the fact that she is the daughter of the devil and that she lives in Hell. Her strict father doesn’t allow her any freedom – according to him, she is too young for the work of the devil. She may only be really evil under his supervision and on the Internet. Lilith proposes a devilish deal to her father: if she manages to turn a good person into an evil one within a week, she may get up to mischief. Her target: Greta, the oldest daughter of the Birnstein family...

N/D/SE 2017, 84‘ | IRAM HAQ

Fifteen year-old Nisha lives a double life. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide. To set an example, Nisha's parents decide to kidnap her and place her with relatives in Pakistan...


The universe must have any amount of errors, according to 10-year-old Matti. Otherwise people would be much happier. His father Sulo wouldn’t be a bus driver, and his mother would no longer have any reason to complain about her choleric boss. And Matti and his family would have long since visited Sulo’s homeland of Finland on holiday. And so Matti decides to give luck a boost, and makes up a lottery win. However, the walloping lie has unforeseen consequences.

CH 2018, 106‘ | GERMINAL ROAUX

Fortuna, a 14-year old Ethiopian girl is temporarily accommodated in Switzerland with other refugees in a hospice at an altitude of 2000m above sea level to overwinter. She meets Kabir, a 26-year old Ethiopian refugee with whom she falls hope- lessly in love. Their relationship develops, hidden from sight of those around them, until the day when Kabir mysteriously disappears...