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Short Film Night 2017

Moderator Christoph Gagzow©Silke Winkler
Kurzfilmnacht im SPEICHER Schwerin©Silke Winkler
©Christine Kisorsy
Musik-Liveact 2017: Die Berliner Band [WAI] ©YUNOWAI
Musik-Liveact 2017: Die Berliner Band [WAI] ©YUNOWAI

The popular short film night will be shown in the "Speicher" Schwerin. The program consists of several blocks with four or five films in a row, which the curator Jörg Wille carefully chose, trying to make the program as varied as possible according to style and subject matter. After the film presentations, the host of the evening, Christoph Gagszow, will motivate the audience to judge about the best film. Musical support will be provided by the band „Y [WAI]“

Jörn Wille

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