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In light of the much-celebrated screening of Charlie Chaplin's MODERN TIMES on the occassion of the 25th FILMKUNSTFEST MV in 2015 which was a soldout within days, four years later the film festival and the Mecklenburg State Theatre mounted a second film concert.

During the 29th FILMKUNSTFEST MV from April 30th to May 5th, 2019 another unforgettable classic film saw its revival, again accompanied by the orchestra of the Mecklenburg State Theatre: Charlie Chaplin's THE GOLD RUSH (1925).

Due to the steep demand in tickets for MODERN TIMES, there were two presentations of THE GOLD RUSH.

Dates: Friday, May 3rd 2019 from 7.30 pm and Saturday, May 4th 2019 from 6.00 pm as part of the film festival's award ceremony

Venue: Großes Haus of the Mecklenburg State Theatre, Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Conductor: Martin Schelhaas, conductor of the orchestra of the Mecklenburg State Theatre

When in 1898 gold fever had broken out in Alaska, Charlie Chaplin's tramp (as the „lone prospector“) was right in the middle of it. Just like so many others, he was out for prosperity and fortune. But it's only after many disappointments, perils, deprivations and prevailing over the other gold diggers' harsh mores that the tramp's unswerving pursuit of gold and the love for a dance-hall girl (Georgia Hale) recompensed. 

THE GOLD RUSH was the second feature film that Chaplin had produced by his own company United Artists. He comprehensively took advantage of his artistic licence. He spent 15 months on this film, had been exposing a whopping 70,000 metres of film material, roughly 2,000 metres of which eventually found their way into the film. Chaplin's most elaborate picture was filmed on location at both the Sierra Nevada and the Hollywood Studios. Under the blazing summer sun in California, he had an entire snow-covered landscape re-created by means of tons of timber, plaster, salt and flour. THE GOLD RUSH features some of the most famous scenes in motion-picture history: the beautifully poetic "Dance of the Rolls", the scene in which the tramp is eating a soft-boiled shoe with relish, Chaplin turning into a giant chicken as well as the captivating scene in which a cabin is dangling from the edge of a cliff.

Even today, the special effects in THE GOLD RUSH amaze any audience. Chaplin himself considered this film the best he's ever made, and by the end of his life he declared that this motion picture was the film for which he most wanted to be remembered.