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31st FILMKUNSTFEST MV is postponed to late summer 2022!

Due to the pandemic, the 31st edition of the Schwerin Film Festival will take place from 30 August to 4 September 2022 and will have the usual scope of four competitions and six film sections.

The deadline for film submissions has changed accordingly and is now 26 June 2022 (directly possible on this subsite; see below).


FEATURE FILM COMPETITION regulations / 30th FILMKUNSTFEST MV (August 30th – September 4th 2022)

FILMKUNSTFEST MV's generously endowed feature film competition fosters German-language films and cinematic co-productions with German, Austrian and Swiss participation.

For presentation in the cinema submitted films must be provided in a high-resolution digital format for screening and should be completed after 1 March 2021 (date of first showing). Cinematic productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as co-productions with those countries are eligible to participate. Films that are not available in German must have German subtitles.

Films should be at least 70 minutes long and not have been officially released in cinemas before showing at the festival. World and national premieres are preferred. The event organiser decides on exceptions.

Film registration and an online screening link must be sent to the festival office by 26th of June 2022, along with digital film stills and a digital press book, if available. The material will only be returned if expressly requested. The producer, distributor, director or university must complete the registration.

Films and materials can also be uploaded soon via the form on the organiser's website (link under construction).

If applicable, further awards will be announced on the website www.filmkunstfest-mv.de in early June. Either independent expert juries or the audience choose the award-winners. Unless specified otherwise, the directors are the award-winners.

Festival management's decisions regarding programme selection and placement as well as jury decisions cannot be contested, the decisions are final and no legal recourse is available.

Information regarding nomination of the no more than ten films selected for the competition as well as invitations will be provided no later than 15th of August 2022.

The festival bears the costs of carrying out the competitions, for the five-person grand jury and for the three-person FIPRESCI jury as well as the costs of travel and accommodation for one to two guests per competition entry. For this reason no film fees can be paid for films in competition.

Screening files for films nominated for the competition and promotional materials must arrive at the festival office not later than by 19th of August 2022. The copies are insured from the time of arrival until being returned after the festival. The sender pays postage for delivery to the festival office; FILMKUNSTFEST MV will pay the return postage.

These regulations apply solely to the 31th FILMKUNSTFEST MV!

Volker Kufahl

General Manager and Artistic Director


Cornelis Hähnel

Festival programmer, competitions


Jürgen Tobisch

Festival programmer, international programme


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